Snæfellsjökull ATV Adventure

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Embark on the “Journey to the Centre of the Earth – ATV Style!” a thrilling ATV tour that takes you close to the summit of the mystical Snæfellsjokull Glacier. Inspired by Jules Verne’s classic tale, this adventure offers a unique blend of exhilarating action and mythical exploration. As you ascend the glacier on top-tier ATVs, feel the rush of crisp Arctic air and witness the panoramic views that stretch across the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. This exclusive tour not only promises an adrenaline-packed journey but also a connection to the legendary portal described by Verne, where the boundaries between fiction and the majesty of Iceland’s landscapes blur into an unforgettable experience.

The total time on the ATV is approx. 1 hour, total time of the experience, including suiting up and preparing is about 2 hours.

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Hellnar - Laugarbrekka, 356 Snæfellsbær, IS